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Take a look at my collection of videos on YouTube. Most are gameplay videos but there’s also a collection of informative videos and tutorials on various games I play. I mainly play on PS4 but occasionally play on Xbox One too and one day might dive back into some old PC games.


I play games such as Destiny 2, Elite Dangerous, Fallout 4 and Star Trek Online amongst others.

When I'm not live I also host other streamers like Frontier Developments, Edward C Lewis, Obsidian Ant and Lethality STO.


If I earn enough money I will be able to start buying all the tools necessary to start writing my own games, that's my dream. This will also have the added benefit of enabling me to live stream PC games in full resolution instead of relying on my 6 year old Mac Mini. Future live streams and recorded videos may even include reviews of various gaming products.


In addition to what I stated for supporting me via Patreon, donations will also go towards hosting of this website and subscription services such as PSN/Xbox Live.

Any donations will be appreciated and will earn you an honourable mention on this website, live streams and recorded videos.

Games I Play

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