Elite Dangerous Squadrons

Squadrons is a new in-game way of uniting like-minded Commanders to support factions of their choice, take part in Community Goals together and compete for top spots in seasonal leader boards. New communication tools, including in-game chat channels, will help you blaze trails together, and leave your Squadron's mark on the galaxy.[1]

How To Join A Squadron

Finding and joining a Squadron is a fairly easy process.

1. Go to the right hand panel on your ship and select Squadrons

2. Select Browse Squadrons on the right hand side

3. If you know the name of a Squadron you wish to join, you can enter a partial name in the search box, or just select a Squadron from the list

4. You can then enter a message ("Request Letter") and then select the Send Application button

Elite Dangerous Squadrons Community


Squadrons are a way for Commanders who want to band together and organize themselves in-game. This might be simply to play together or to focus on certain types of gameplay such as bounty hunting, Community Goals, or furthering the agenda of a faction. Don't delay, unite your fellow pilots and compete against other Squadrons for a seat at the top of the seasonal leaderboards, earning you and your comrades both intergalactic glory and prizes!