Lethality Dangerous Elite is a new player group for players of Elite Dangerous on PS4.

The group started with a hand full of friends playing together in a private group when Elite Dangerous was released on PS4 way back in June 2017 and has grown enough to start our very own player group (application pending).

We are all like minded experienced Elite Dangerous players that collectively have played every aspect of Elite Dangerous since its release and impart our knowledge, thoughts and ideas as well as Elite Dangerous news and updates through our PS4 community Lethality Dangerous Elite, our PS4 messages group and our members only Discord channel.

Beginners Guide

If you're new to Elite Dangerous you might find this beginners guide useful.

When starting to play Elite Dangerous for the first time it can be a little overwhelming so the beginners guide will take you from being a beginner in a Sidewinder to being a regular space monkey.

Read the guide and watch the videos to help you on your way.

Note:  This is a brand new page so it's still under construction!